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We help clients in technology sectors communicate with their customers, investors and other stakeholders using a wide variety of media. These include:

  • Press releases, articles and newsletters
  • Websites and new media
  • Brochures and product literature
  • White Papers
  • Market Reports
  • Speeches
  • Editing services
  • Editorial project management

A particular specialism is management of communication within EU projects, ensuring project teams communicate effectively with various stakeholders, including policy-makers, business people and the general public.

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Top Tips for Successful Communication

Our top ten tips for effective communication within research & development projects:

1. Have a strategy, defining what you want to achieve through communication, and a plan setting out how you will do it.

2. Define clear messages in terms that will be understandable to the audience you’re aiming to reach. Keep the story simple.

3. Make the journalist’s live easy: present information in a way that meets their needs and pay particular attention to deadlines and timings.

4. Be complete: ensure you paint the whole picture without leaving any obvious unanswered questions.

5. Use all media: both online (Web, email) and offline (brochures, press, direct mail) activities and make sure they work together.

6. Know who’s doing what: make sure you have well defined roles and responsibilities for communication within your company or project.

7. Break the mould: the world is full of newsletters and email ads. Try to be different!

8. Make every interaction count: you’re not just telling people about the work going on today, but also laying the groundwork for the future. Build communities.

9. Evaluate results: like any other area of spending, communication should be monitored to ensure the actions are cost-effective and have the desired impact.

10. Analyse and act on the results, for example by feeding them back into project communication activities and/or forward into exploitation plans.

MS Consulting has experience in all areas of the media – please contact us to discuss further.