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Our Skill Sets

MS Consulting has broad experience in research policy and strategy, grant funding, communications, publishing, and project management.

As writers and analysts, we are highly proficient in communicating to a wide range of audiences, from scientists to business people, policy-makers and the general public.

Our key skill sets are:

  1. Communication, writing accessibly and creatively on science and business issues.

  2. Research and Analysis, providing insights on the role of technology in corporate strategy and public policy.

  3. Project Management, taking management and budgetary responsibility for:

    • business research projects, including international networks;

    • editorial projects, including liaison with writers, translators, designers and printers;

    • the preparation of successful project bids and proposals.

MS Consulting works in an open and collaborative manner. We pride ourselves on meeting our clients' demands and exceeding their expectations.

As a small consultancy, we are able to be agile and responsive, responding flexibly to clients' changing requirements while maintaining a professional approach.

We have a strong commitment to quality, and quality assurance procedures are built into our processes at every stage.


For research studies, we maintain links with a network of technical and business experts across the EU, who can be called on to provide a truly international dimension.

For communication work, we can draw on a network of proven suppliers, both in the UK and internationally, to provide a full service capability. These include:

  • Translators, experienced in translating technical English texts into key European languages.

  • Designers, experienced in high quality design for technical and business markets.

  • Printers, able to offer a high quality, competitive service.

Michael Sharpe
Director of MS Consulting & Research Ltd, has broad experience at the business-policy-technology interface. He has worked with both public and private sector clients on innovation issues, and has been active in European research programmes since 1992.
Mike has a keen interest in SME networks and was instrumental in setting up PIN-SME, a pan-European network of ICT SME associations. He was an advisor to Advantage West Midlands, a UK regional development agency, on European issues and sits on the West Midlands EU Research Funding Working Group.

Prior to setting up MS Consulting in 1998, Mike spent twelve years in management and technology consultancy. He has a Master's degree in Science & Technology Policy, and a Bachelor's degree in Engineering.